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Tell the ISCP Club a little about yourself and your firm 

Prodos Capital was founded 17 years ago as an Independent Sponsor before there was a term for this asset class. It has been fun to watch the growth and evolution of the Independent Sponsor model. Our focus has always been buyouts/majority recaps of entrepreneur owned and led businesses. We are primarily focused on deals in North America but also have a presence in Western Europe and seeking to replicate the model there. We currently have five companies in the portfolio in diverse industries. This has definitely been an interesting year as a result of COVID.       

What projects are you currently working on?  

We are in the process of selling one of our portfolio companies and acquiring a new platform in the manufacturing sector. We are excited about the new platform as it seems to be immune (pardon the pun) from COVID and the Recession.   

What types of deals are you currently looking for?

We are seeking situations where the entrepreneur and/or management teams are seeking a partner and the right steward for the business to assist in transitioning and building the business to the next level of success. We tend to focus on opportunities where chemistry, partnership, and strategic vision are aligned. We like companies and industries where we can grow through organic means and through strategic add-on acquisitions. Our typical EBITDA range is $2 - $15 MM although we are trying to focus on larger deals. As Independent Sponsors, we can be extremely flexible in how we design the deal and investment hold periods.       

Who is your ideal investment partner?

We are seeking investment partners that are liked minded and believe in partnership, creating enduring long term value, and are flexible in their investment hold periods. We work with all types of investment partners but tend to work with people that share our values.   

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